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We can clean your existing pond, water feature or fountain and it will be restored to its original beauty.

It will look brand new again, as well as running correctly and at its most cost efficient.


Ongoing Care

With our regular routine maintenance plans we’ve  taken the hard work out of owning a pond, water feature or fountain.

Ponds of Melbourne are experts at ensuring your aquatic display always looks its best.



Do you have a pond, water feature or fountain at your business? Or do you look after one for a client as part of your garden maintenance services? Or have a council operated public display?

Ponds of Melbourne can help to keep any Pond, Water Feature or Fountain clean, clear and running correctly with our Cleaning Service and programmed routine servicing.


Safety Grills

Are you concerned about the safety of children and pets around your pond, water feature or fountain?

Ponds of Melbourne has the solution. Our Unique safety grills are like no other on the market. They prevent children, adults, and pets falling into the water and drowning. They also prevent birds being able to eat your fish.



Having problems with faulty equipment or want to see if your current equipment is suitable?

Ponds of Melbourne  can assess your pond, water feature or fountain and check any faulty equipment and replace as required.


Water Plants & Fish

Are you looking to enhance the aesthetic of your pond, water feature or fountain with aquatic plants and fish?

With access to the best industry supplier network we are able to source & supply a large range of pond fish and aquatic plants. 

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