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Do you have a pond, water feature or fountain at your business? Or do you look after one for a client as part of your garden maintenance services? Or are you responsible for a council operated public display?

Ponds of Melbourne can help to keep any pond, water feature or fountain clean, clear and running correctly with our cleaning service and programmed routine servicing.

We specialise in the cleaning and routine servicing of large ponds, water features and fountains in commercial and public settings such as business premises, parks, gardens and even cemeteries.

We use our extensive experience in the field to ensure that your commercial  pond, water feature or fountain looks its best and runs at its most cost effective manner.

Commercial Services

What We Do

Cleaning Division

We can clean your pond, water feature or fountain to make it look its best and have it running correctly.

Equipment & Plants

We can assess, replace and maintain any equipment on a pond, water feature or fountain.

We can also supply a large range of aquatic plants for your aquatic display.

On-Going Servicing Division

Once your existing or new pond, water feature or fountain is clean and running we can keep it looking that way with our regular routine servicing.

We offer routine programmed servicing that will be tailored to your requirements – this can be any where from weekly to monthly visits.

If minimising disruption to your business is a concern,  we can even visit after hours and on weekends so that your pond, water feature or fountain, always looks its best without any disruption to your business, staff or the public.

If you maintain an aquatic display as part of your maintenance work at a property but are concerned that you need specialist help,  we can take over the cleaning and servicing of any pond, water  feature or fountain on behalf of your business without you having to worry about it.

Safety Grills

If you have a commercial or public pond, water feature or fountain you know the risk of staff, visitors or a member of the public falling into the water.

There are also many council and insurance requirements pertaining to water depth that need to be met.

We offer a complete custom solution which is the best safety system available.

Our safety grills are custom designed and created for each individual aquatic display from the largest to the smallest.

We have installed grills in businesses, cemeteries, town fountains and schools to name a few.

If you are concerned about safety around your Pond, water Feature or fountain we have the solution.

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