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ongoing Care & Maintenance

We’ve taken the hard work out of owning a pond, water feature or fountain. Ponds of Melbourne are experts at ensuring your aquatic display always looks its best.

Also if you are in charge of a public aquatic display or have a pond, water feature or fountain at your business we can take over the routine maintenance of it.

We’ll be on hand to provide routine servicing, full cleans when required, equipment checks and replacements or repairs as required, plant maintenance and re-potting and we will make sure your fish are healthy and provide treatments as required.

Routine programmed services can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, 3 monthly, yearly and even post autumn after the leaves have dropped, or as you require.

We do the hard work during our  routine visits so you don’t have to do it.

For public displays and corporate clients we can create a programmed servicing regime so your display always looks its best with no extra work for you. See our Corporate and Commercial page for information.

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