It's Time for You to Have

The Pond of Your Dreams

With Ponds of Melbourne it’s possible to enjoy the beauty & serenity of a pond, without needing to do the hard work in maintaining it’s appearance. 

Welcome to Ponds of Melbourne

Are you frustrated with your pond, water feature or fountain? Does it have green or dirty water, overgrown plants, fish dying, equipment not working or not running properly or just plain looks awful?

Would you like to have an aquatic display that will always be clean, clear and running properly and be a feature of your home, garden or office?

We also specialise in public aquatic displays,  corporate ponds, water features and fountains for Councils and businesses alike.

Ponds of Melbourne specialises in the cleaning and on-going care of all ponds, water features and fountains and were passionate about what we do. With over 20 years in the business we have the experience to make your new or old aquatic display look amazing and maintain it all year round.


How Can We Help?


Do you have a new or existing pond, water feature or fountain, that is looking tired and needs a new lease on life?

Do you have a pond, water feature or fountain that is a public display or at your office or business and it needs to looks it best all year round?

Our cleaning division can bring your aquatic display back to looking amazing.

On-Going Care And Maintenance

Once we’ve cleaned your aquatic display, or if you have a new one, we can keep it looking it’s best with regular routine programmed maintenance.

We routinely maintain ponds, water features and fountains in homes, businesses and public spaces.

Our on-going care and maintenance division will provide a routine care plan for all year servicing which takes the hard work out of owning an aquatic display.

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