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Safety Grills

Are you concerned about the safety of children and pets around your pond, water feature or fountain?

Or do you need to conform to Council or Insurance requirements in regards to water depth?

Or just want to prevent birds eating your fish?

Or do you have an aquatic display that has public access and you are concerned about someone falling in?

Ponds of Melbourne has the solution. Our unique pond safety grills are like no other on the market. They prevent children, adults, and pets falling into the water and drowning. They also prevent birds being able to eat your fish.

Each grill is custom made to fit any size pond, water feature or fountain from the smallest to the largest.

The grills are made from aluminium diamond mesh and can be in silver or powder coated black. They are supported on metal legs which make them extremely strong and stable whilst still being light enough to allow for removal for a cleaning or access to pumps etc.

As they are custom designed and fitted they will conform to any council and insurance requirements.

With the addition of one of our safety grills you can create a safe pond, water feature or fountain that you, your family and visitors can enjoy without the fear of children or pets falling in to the water, or birds turning your fish into their breakfast bar.

You can also make any Public or Commercial display completely safe for staff and visitors.

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