Pond Safety Grills

Are you concerned about the safety of children & pets around your pond or water feature?


Need to conform to council regulations in regard to water depth? Or just want to prevent birds eating your fish from your pond or water feature?


Ponds of Melbourne has the solution.  Our unique pond safety grills are like no other on the market, they prevent children falling into the water and drowning. They will also prevent birds eating pond fish, and keep your pets out of your pond or water feature.


Each grill is custom made to fit your pond or water feature, constructed from strong aluminum diamond mesh, yet still light and easy to remove to allow maintenance of your pond or feature.


The grills are custom fitted, and trimmed to fit any shape and size pond or water feature - big and small!


With the addition of one of our safety grills you can create a safe pond or water feature that you, your family and visitors can enjoy without the worry of child & pet safety or birds turning your pond or water feature into their daily breakfast bar!

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