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Are you frustrated with your pond, water feature or fountain?  Does it have green or dirty water, overgrown plants, fish dying, equipment not working or just plain looks ugly?


Would you like to have a pond, water feature or fountain that will always be clean, clear and be a feature of your, home, garden or office.


Ponds of Melbourne specialises in the cleaning, restoration, and on-going care of all ponds, water features and fountains, and we're passionate about what we do! With over fifteen years in the business we have the experience to make your old feature look new again and maintain it in pristine condition all year round.



How can we help?

Cleaning & Restoration

On-Going Care & Maintenance

Do you have an existing pond, water feature or fountain that's looking tired and needing a new lease on life?


Our Cleaning & Restoration division can provide advice on how to bring the wow factor back to your existing pond, water feature or fountain.


Once we've restored your new feature, for a small cost we can have it looking it's best all year round.


Our On-Going Care & Maintenance division will provide a seasonal care plan which takes the hard work of owning a pond, water feature or fountain.

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Ponds of Melbourne

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